Wilko Johnson – The Best Of Wilko Johnson – Dylan Howe / Norman Watt-Roy 2xLP

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Volume One
A1 Some Kind Of Hero
A2 Back In The Night
A3 Cairo Blues
A4 Paradise
A5 Keep On Loving You
A6 Come Back And Love Me
B1 When I’m Gone
B2 Ice On The Motorway
B3 She’s Good Like That
B4 The Beautiful Madrilena
B5 Sneaking Suspicion
B6 Underneath Orion
Volume Two
C1 All Right
C2 Barbed Wire Blues
C3 Roxette
C4 Down By The Waterside
C5 Dr Dupree
C6 Living In The Heart Of Love
D1 Turned 21
D2 I Really Love Your Rock ‘n’ Roll
D3 I Keep It To Myself
D4 The Hook
D5 Twenty Yards Behind
D6 Out In The Traffic
D7 She Does It Right