Villagers – Fever Dreams LP

4.199 kr

Comes in a “Die-cut” album sleeve, with 4 interchangable covers
Includes a download card

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A1 – Something Bigger (The Big Things)
A2 – The First Day (Essence Of A Dream)
A3 – Song In Seven (The Warm North Sea)
A4 – So Simpatico (The More I Know, The More I Care)
A5 – Momentarily (The Little Things)
B1 – Circles In The Firing Line (Whispers In The Gravy Train)
B2 – Restless Endeavor (Ode To Human Spirit)
B3 – Full Faith In Providence (May The Road Rise)
B4 – Fever Dream (Going, Going, Heptagon)
B5 – Deep In My Heart (Moonshine Soul Remedy)