Various Artists – Rise Jamaica! 2xLP

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Jamaican Radio Hits Of ’62
A1 Al T. Joe – Rise Jamaica (Independence Time Is Here)
A2 Jimmy Cliff – Miss Jamaica
A3 Owen Gray – My One Desire
A4 Drumbago’s All Stars – Duck Soup
A5 The Beltones – Gloria (Love)
A6 Roy & Patsy – My Happy Home
A7 Derrick Morgan – The Hop
B1 Derrick Morgan – Forward March
B2 Lloyd Clarke – Good Morning
B3 Don Drummond’s Group – Twelve Minutes To Go
B4 Jimmy Cliff – Hurricane Hattie
B5 Owen Gray – Midnight Track
B6 Derrick & Patsy – Housewife’s Choice
B7 Lord Creator – Independent Jamaica
The Duke’s Dubplates ’62
C1 Roland Alphonso With Duke Reid’s Group – Chick Chick
C2 Stranger & Ken – Power (Take 2)
C3 Roland Alphonso With Duke Reid’s Group – As The Teardrops Fall
C4 Cosmo & Dennis – Baby Please Don’t Go
C5 Roland Alphonso With Duke Reid’s Group – Neck Tie (Take 2)
C6 Hortense Ellis – Midnight Train (Take 1)
C7 Duke Reid’s All Stars – Herring Bone
D1 Roland Alphonso & Duke Reid’s Group – Double Six
D2 Stranger & Patsy – This Is Love (Take 2)
D3 Frank Cosmo – Have Mercy Baby
D4 Roland Alphonso With Duke Reid’s Group – Honey Comb
D5 Stranger & Ken – Straight Home aka I’m Going Home
D6 Duke Reid’s Group – Woodchopper’s Ball (Take 2)
D7 Cosmo & Dennis – I’m Gone