Various Artists – Krautrock & Progressive – “The Secret Archives” 2xLP

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Limited edition
2 x 180 gram Colored vinyl

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Return To Sanity
A1 –Affinity – I Am And So You Are
A2 –Andromeda – Return To Sanity
A3 –Fuchsia – Me And My Kite
A4 –Deep Feeling – Classical Gas
B1 –Consortium – 13th Hour
B2 –Art Bears – Moeris, Dancing
B3 –Beckett – Life’s Shadow
C1 –John Gustafson – Poem About A Gnome
C2 –Carmen – Steppingstone
C3 –Ashkan – Going Home
C4 –Beggars Opera – Think
C5 –Fruupp – Song For A Thought
D1 –Kluster – Electric Music Und Texte