Various Artists – Jukebox Jam! Vol.2 2xLP

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A1 Mamie Perry Lament 1:50
A2 Billy Hamlin If You Ain't Got No Bread (You Might As Well Stay Home In Bed) 2:17
A3 Young Jessie Mary Lou 2:46
A4 Johnny West (3) Tears Baby 2:17
A5 Gil Bernal King Solomon's Blues 2:30
B1 Dewey Guy And The Fabulous Six Rock A While 2:18
B2 Brother Woodsmans Combo And The Chanters (7) Feat. Ethel Brown Hot Mama 2:35
B3 Betty James Henry Lee 2:14
B4 Amos Milburn I Done Done It 2:35
B5 Dave Bartholomew Cat Music 2:03
B6 Saunders King Swingin' 2:06
C1 Steve Gibson And The Red Caps* Big Game Hunter 2:40
C2 Big Sis Andrews That Ain't The Way To Do It 2:50
C3 Buddy Johnson If I Ever Find You 2:13
C4 The Mark VI Cleopatra 2:27
C5 Barrett Strong Misery 2:14
C6 Mary Ann Fisher Put On My Shoes 2:21
D1 The Originals (2) Feat. Steve Allan* Little Lonely Girl 2:25
D2 Billy Emerson I'll Get You Too 2:15
D3 The Untouchables (13) Crawlin' 2:30
D4 Grainger Hunt Noah 2:10
D5 Bob Marriott And The Continentals* I'll Walk A Mile 2:40
D6 Little Willie John It Only Hurts A Little While 2:21