Various Artists – Gangster Soul Harmony Volume 1 LP

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Blue colored vinyl

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Vörunúmer: GSH 1001-1 LP Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:


A1 Bull & The El Capalara’s – No Sign Of Sadness
A2 Rock Candy – I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Love Another
A3 The Fabulous Traits – Lonely Man
A4 Four Below Zero – Tell Me Why
A5 Supurbs – You Don’t Care
A6 The Fidelics – Lovers In The Park
A7 The Perfections – Love Storm
B1 Reuben Bell – It’s Not That Easy
B2 The Differences – That Was The Day
B3 The Sinclayr’s – You Came Along
B4 The Topics – I Don’t Have To Cry
B5 The Lintons – Lost Love
B6 The Barons – I’m So Lonely
B7 Jay Morton – Did You Get The Message (Bonus Track)