Various Artists (úr kvikmynd) – Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga OST LP

5.999 kr

Limited 180 gram Pink colored vinyl
Limited to 1000 numbered copies
Fridge magnet + a 4-page booklet

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Vörunúmer: MOVATM308 Flokkar: , Merkimiði:


A1 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne, Tiësto – Double Trouble (Tiësto’s Euro 90s Tribute Remix) 2:28
A2 –Erik Mjönes – Lion Of Love 2:47
A3 –Savan Kotecha – Coolin’ With Da Homies 1:26
A4 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne – Volcano Man 1:21
A5 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne – Jaja Ding Dong 1:38
A6 –Demi Lovato – In The Mirror 2:49
A7 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne – Happy 1:26
A8 –Song-A-Long: “Believe”, “Ray Of Light”, “Waterloo”, “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi” And “I Gotta Feeling” 2:54
A9 –Courtney Jenaé, Adam Grahn – Running With The Wolves 1:11
A10 –Anteros – Fool Moon 3:27
B1 –Antonio Sol, David Loucks, Taylor Lindersmith, Nicole Leonti – Hit My Itch 2:05
B2 –Petra Nielsen – Come And Play (Masquerade) 3:08
B3 –Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois 3:05
B4 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne – Husavik (My Hometown) 3:22
B5 –Will Ferrell, My Marianne – Double Trouble (Film Version) 2:54
B6 –Atli Örvarsson – Eurovision Suite 6:20