Various Artists – Alan Lomax´s American Patchwork – Field Recordings 1978 – 1983 2xLP

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2 x 180 gram vinyl

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A1 –R.L. Burnside – See My Jumper Hanging On The Line
A2 –Janette* and Joe Carter – Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?
A3 –Sheila Kay Adams – Suite: Little Margaret / Banjo Instrumental / Dinah
A4 –Joe Savage – Peace In The Valley
A5 –Holly Springs Sacred Harp Singers – David’s Lamentation (#268)
B1 –Clyde Maxwell And Group* – You Got To Cross That River Jordan
B2 –Vaughn Eller – Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Gal
B3 –Dennis McGee – Two Step De Eunice
B4 –Dink Roberts – Fox Chase
B5 –Laethe Eller – Way Up In The New Bright World
B6 –Boyd & Ruth May Rivers – Somebody Touched Me
B7 –Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers – Give Me Just A Little More Time
C1 –Lois Short – Little Birdie
C2 –Dellie Chandler Norton – Early, Early In The Spring
C3 –Tommy Jarrell – Reuben
C4 –Canray Fontenot – Bonsoir Moreau
C5 –Ray Hicks – Reuben
C6 –Belton Sutherland – Blues #2
C7 –Nimrod Workman – Mother Jones’ Will
D1 –Napoleon Strickland & the Como Drum Corps – My Babe
D2 –Lawrence “Black” Ardoin & Band – Why You Wanna Make Me Cry
D3 –Moving Star Hall Singers – I’m Going To Trust In The Lord
D4 –Napoleon Strickland – Jesus Stop By Here
D5 –Boyd & Ruth May Rivers – Fire Shed In My Bones