TransAtlantic – The Absolute Universe – The Breath Of Life 2xLP+CD

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2 x 180 gram black vinyl
Includes the full album on CD

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A1 Overture
A2 Reaching For The Sky
A3 Higher Than The Morning
B1 The Darkness In The Light
B2 Take Now My Soul
B3 Looking For The Light
C1 Love Made A Way (Prelude)
C2 Owl Howl
C3 Solitude
D1 Belong
D2 Can You Feel It
D3 Looking For The Light (Reprise)
D4 The Greatest Story Never Ends
D5 Love Made A Way

CD-1 Overture 5:53
CD-2 Reaching For The Sky 5:40
CD-3 Higher Than The Morning 4:32
CD-4 The Darkness In The Light 5:43
CD-5 Take Now My Soul 3:31
CD-6 Looking For The Light 4:04
CD-7 Love Made A Way (Prelude) 2:13
CD-8 Owl Howl 5:26
CD-9 Solitude 4:24
CD-10 Belong 2:22
CD-11 Can You Feel It 3:17
CD-12 Looking For The Light (Reprise) 4:57
CD-13 The Greatest Story Never Ends 2:57
CD-14 Love Made A Way 9:16