TOOL – Fear Inoculum: Limited Deluxe 5xLP Box Set

31.999 kr

5 x 180 gram black vinyl records housed inside a full-color, mirror-board printed, hardcover book featuring alternate front cover artwork, extra artwork, lyrics and credits all within a full-color, mirror-board printed hardcover o-card stye slide-out box, although not advertised as a box-set.
Sealed with a gold-foil sticker underneath a barcode stickered shrink-wrap.

Album tracks are featured on Side A, and unique etchings featured on Side B.

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A1 - Fear Inoculum
A2 - Pneuma
C1 - Invincible
E1 - Legion Inoculant
E2 - Descending
G1 - Culling Voices
G2 - Chocolate Chip Trip
I1 - 7empest
I2 - Mockingbeat