The Yardbirds – Roger The Engineer – Super Deluxe Box Set

11.999 kr

Super Deluxe Edition
Newly Remastered from archival tapes
2 x 180 gram vinyl (stereo + mono mixes)
A 7″ single
3 x CDs (complete album mixes + bonus material)
A 24-page booklet + a poster

Þú getur skráð þig á biðlista og við sendum þér tölvupóst þegar að varan kemur aftur á lager.

Vörunúmer: DEMRECBOX55IN Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:

A1 Lost Women
A2 Over, Under, Sideways, Down
A3 The Nazz Are Blue
A4 I Can’t Make Your Way
A5 Rack My Mind
A6 Farewell
B1 Hot House Of Omagararshid
B2 Jeff’s Boogie
B3 He’s Alway There
B4 Turn Into Earth
B5 What Do You Want
B6 Ever Since The World Began
C1 Lost Women
C2 Over, Under, Sideways, Down
C3 The Nazz Are Blue
C4 I Can’t Make Your Way
C5 Rack My Mind
C6 Farewell
D1 Hot House Of Omagararshid
D2 Jeff’s Boogie
D3 He’s Alway There
D4 Turn Into Earth
D5 What Do You Want
D6 Ever Since The World Began
7″ Single
E Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
F Psycho Daisies

CD1-1 Lost Women
CD1-2 Over, Under, Sideways, Down
CD1-3 The Nazz Are Blue
CD1-4 I Can’t Make Your Way
CD1-5 Rack My Mind
CD1-6 Farewell
CD1-7 Hot House Of Omagararshid
CD1-8 Jeff’s Boogie
CD1-9 He’s Alway There
CD1-10 Turn Into Earth
CD1-11 What Do You Want
CD1-12 Ever Since The World Began
CD2-1 Lost Women
CD2-2 Over, Under, Sideways, Down
CD2-3 The Nazz Are Blue
CD2-4 I Can’t Make Your Way
CD2-5 Rack My Mind
CD2-6 Farewell
CD2-7 Hot House Of Omagararshid
CD2-8 Jeff’s Boogie
CD2-9 He’s Alway There
CD2-10 Turn Into Earth
CD2-11 What Do You Want
CD2-12 Ever Since The World Began
1966 Studio Recordings
CD3-1 Mr Zero – Keith Relf
CD3-2 Knowing – Keith Relf
CD3-3 Hot House Of Omagararshid (Alternate Mono Mix)
CD3-4 He’s Always There (Alternate Stereo Mix)
CD3-5 Turn Into Earth (Early Mix)
CD3-6 Turn Into Earth (Vocal Track)
CD3-7 Turn Into Earth (Alternate Stereo Mix)
CD3-8 Ever Since The World Began (Vocal Track)
CD3-9 I Can’t Make Your Way (Alternate Stereo Mix)
CD3-10 Great Shakes Commercial (Version 1)
CD3-11 Great Shakes Commercial (Version 2)
CD3-12 Shapes in my mind (Version 1) – Keith Relf
CD3-13 Shapes In My Mind (Version 2) – Keith Relf
CD3-14 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
CD3-15 Pyscho Daisies
CD3-16 Stroll On