The Police – Around The World: Restored & Expanded (Limited Edition) LP+DVD

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Limited Edition LP + DVD
DVD contains restored and remastered video and audio of The Police´s documentary of their first world tour
LP includes 9 live tracks previously unavailable on vinyl

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A1. Walking On the Moon (Live from Kyoto)
A2. Deathwish (Live from Kyoto)
A3. So Lonely (Live from Kyoto)
A4. Can't Stand Losing You (Live from Kyoto)
A5. Truth Hits Everybody (Live from Kyoto)
B6. Roxanne (Live from Hammersmith)
B7. Born in the 50's (Live from Hong Kong)
B8. Message in a Bottle (Live from Hong Kong)
B9. Bring On the Night (Live from Hong Kong)

Documentary: Around the World