The National – First Two Pages Of Frankenstein LP

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Phoebe Bridgers, Sufjan Stevens and Taylor Swift

2 á lager

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A1 Once Upon A Poolside (Featuring Sufjan Stevens) 3:36
A2 Eucalyptus 4:24
A3 New Order T-Shirt 4:56
A4 This Isn’t Helping (Featuring Phoebe Bridgers) 4:04
A5 Tropic Morning News 5:09
A6 Alien 4:07
B1 The Alcott (Featuring Taylor Swift) 4:27
B2 Grease In Your Hair 3:57
B3 Ice Machines 4:16
B4 Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (Featuring Phoebe Bridgers) 4:24
B5 Send For Me 4:14