The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Jimi Hendrix Experience 8xLP Box Set

17.999 kr

Eight LP boxed set includes:
56 unreleased or unavailable recordings
A 40-page full color book filled with rare photos,
Each Album Pressed On 180-Gram Audiophile Vinyl by QRP
Separate album jackets with art
Never before heard takes of your favorite Hendrix songs, like “Purple Haze,” “Hey Joe,” and a stunning version of “Little Wing”.

Þú getur skráð þig á biðlista og við sendum þér tölvupóst þegar að varan kemur aftur á lager.

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A1 Purple Haze 3:26
A2 Killing Floor (Live) 3:05
A3 Hey Joe (Live) 2:52
A4 Foxey Lady 3:27
A5 Highway Chile 3:39
B1 Hey Joe 3:06
B2 Title #3 2:12
B3 Third Stone From The Sun 9:18
B4 Here He Comes (Lover Man) 3:02
C1 If 6 Was 9 5:57
C2 Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 1:30
C3 Rock Me Baby (Live) 3:20
C4 Like A Rolling Stone (Live) 6:48
D1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Live) 1:51
D2 Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Live) 4:06
D3 Little Wing 3:30
D4 Little Miss Lover 2:20
D5 Taking Care Of No Business 3:42
E1 The Wind Cries Mary (Live) 4:11
E2 Catfish Blues (Live) 5:27
E3 Bold As Love 7:08
F1 Sweet Angel 4:12
F2 Fire (Live) 2:42
F3 Somewhere 3:48
F4 (Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland 1:28
F5 Gypsy Eyes 3:43
F6 Room Full Of Mirrors 1:25
G1 Gloria 8:52
G2 It’s Too Bad 8:50
H1 Stone Free 3:43
H2 Spanish Castle Magic 5:48
H3 Hear My Train A Comin’ 6:56
I1 I Don’t Live Today (Live) 6:45
I2 Room Full Of Mirrors 7:55
I3 Star Spangled Banner 4:12
J1 Little Wing (Live) 3:15
J2 Red House (Live) 13:12
K1 Purple Haze (Live) 4:03
K2 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live) 7:53
K3 Izabella 3:39
L1 Message To Love 3:35
L2 Earth Blues 4:08
L3 Country Blues 8:26
M1 Freedom 3:51
M2 Astro Man 4:13
M3 Ezy Ryder 3:43
M4 Come Down Hard On Me 3:18
N1 Johnny B. Goode (Live) 4:46
N2 Lover Man 2:56
N3 Blue Suede Shoes (Live) 4:27
O1 Hey Baby / In From The Storm (Live) 8:56
O2 Cherokee Mist 6:02
P1 Night Flying Bird 4:24
P2 All Along The Watchtower (Live) 4:22
P3 In From The Storm (Live) 4:19
P4 Slow Blues 1:45