The Cramps – Performing Songs of Sex, Love and Hate LP

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Live Broadcast from London and Stockholm in 1986

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Side A : Live In Stockholm Gota Lejon April 10th 1986 Fm Broadcast
A1 Cornfed Dames
A2 Do The Clam
A3 Love Me
A4 Whats Inside A Girl
A5 Blue Moon Baby
A6 Can Your Pussy The Dog?
A7 Surfin Bird
Side B : Live Hamersmith Odeon London March 13th 1986 Fm Broadcast
B1 Aloha From Hell
B2 Can Your Pussy The Dog?
B3 Chicken
B4 Cornfed Dames
B5 Heartbreak Hotel
B6 Hot Pool Of Woman Need
B7 How Far Can Too Far Go
B8 It’s Just That Song