The Charlatans – A Head Full Of Ideas / Trust Is For Believers (Live) 2xLP

6.999 kr

2 x 180 gram black vinyl

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A Head Full Of Ideas
A1 The Only One I Know
A2 Weirdo
A3 Can’t Get Out Of Bed
A4 Jesus Hairdo
A5 Just When You’re Thinking Things Over
A6 North Country Boy
B1 Tellin’ Stories
B2 One To Another
B3 How High
B4 Forever
B5 Impossible
C1 Love Is The Key
C2 A Man Needs To Be Told
C3 Up At The Lake
C4 Blackened Blue Eyes
C5 Oh Vanity
D1 My Foolish Pride
D2 Come Home Baby
D3 Let The Good Times Be Never Ending
D4 Plastic Machinery
D5 Totally Eclipsing
Live _ Trust Is For Believers
E1 Polar Bear
E2 Indian Rope
E3 Can’t Even Be Bothered
E4 Can’t Get Out Of Bed
E5 I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There
F1 Then
F2 Here Comes A Soul Saver
F3 My Beautiful Friend
F4 The Blind Stagger
F5 Sproston Green