Sin Fang, Sóley og Örvar – Team Dreams 2xLP

3.419 kr.

Heavyweight gatefold sleeve, incl. printed inner sleeves, etching on side D, initial copies come with extra poster.
(2LP is out exclusively on, before it gets an official release early 2018. Initial copies come with a limited poster.)

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Vörunúmer: mm150lp Flokkar: , Merkimiði:

A1/12 Random Haiku Generator 4:27
A2/12 Love Will Leave You Cold 5:09
A3/12 Wasted 3:19
A4/12 Black Screen 4:13
B5/12 Slowly 4:21
B6/12 Citrus Light 3:06
B7/12 Tennis 3:49
B8/12 Space 3:12
C9/12 Used & Confused 3:11
C10/12 Go to Sleep Boy 3:56
C11/12 The Sun Will Go Out 3:42
C12/12 Dream Team Party Kids 5:25


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