Sepultura – Chaos A.D. 2xLP

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Remastered on 180 gram double vinyl
Includes rare & unreleased demos and live tracks

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A1 Refuse/Resist
A2 Territory
A3 Slave New World
A4 Amen
A5 Kaiowas
A6 Propaganda
B1 Biotech Is Godzilla
B2 Nomad
B3 We Who Are Not As Others
B4 Manifest
B5 The Hunt
B6 Clenched Fist
C1 Chaos BC
C2 Symptom Of The Universe
C3 Inhuman Nature
C4 Policia
C5 Crucificados Pelo Sistema
C6 Propaganda (Instrumental Writing Session)
C7 Clenched Fist (Instrumental Writing Session Ver. 2)
D1 Refuse/Resist
D2 Slave New World
D3 Propaganda
D4 Kaiowas
D5 Clenched Fist
D6 Biotech Is Godzilla
D7 Territory