Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour: Drowning Shadows Edition 2xLP

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Drowning Shadows Edition

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A1 Money On My Mind 3:13
A2 Good Thing 3:21
A3 Stay With Me 2:52
A4 Leave Your Lover 3:08
A5 I’m Not The Only One 3:59
A6 I’ve Told You Now 3:30
A7 Like I Can 2:47
B1 Life Support 2:53
B2 Not In That Way 2:52
B3 Lay Me Down 4:13
B4 Restart 3:52
B5 Latch (Acoustic) 3:43
B6 La La La 3:39
B7 Make It To Me 2:43
C1 Drowning Shadows 4:15
C2 Love Is A Losing Game 2:58
C3 Nirvana 3:22
C4 How Will I Know 3:52
C5 Omen (Acoustic) 3:25
D1 Latch (Live From Madison Square Garden 2015) 8:07
D2 Stay With Me 2:54
D3 I’m Not The Only One 3:43
D4 Lay Me Down 3:41