Pop Smoke – Shoot For the Stars, Aim For the Moon 3xLP

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Deluxe Triple LP Album Edition

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Vörunúmer: B0033009-01 Flokkur: Merkimiði:

A1 Bad Bitch From Tokyo (Intro)
A2 Aim For The Moon
A3 For The Night
A4 44 BullDog
A5 Gangstas
A6 Yea Yea
A7 Creature
B1 Snitching
B2 Make It Rain
B3 The Woo
B4 West Coast Shit
B5 Enjoy Yourself
C1 Mood Swings
C2 Something Special
C3 What You Know Bout Love
C4 Diana
C5 Got It On Me
C6 Tunnel Vision (Outro)
D1 Dior
D2 Hotel Lobby
D3 Showin Off Pt. 1
D4 Showin Off Pt. 2
D5 Iced Out Audemars
E1 Woo Year
E2 Tsunami
E3 Backseat
E4 Imperfections (Interlude)
E5 She Feelin Nice
E6 Paranoia
F1 Hello
F2 Be Clearr
F3 Yea Yea (Remix)
F4 Diana (Remix)
F5 Enjoy Yourself (Remix)