Nirvana – Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition) Deluxe 2xCD

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Newly Remastered Deluxe 2 x CD 30th Anniversary Edition

Includes the original album + a disc with live recordings

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Nevermind – Original Album Remastered
1-1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
1-2 In Bloom
1-3 Come As You Are
1-4 Breed
1-5 Lithium
1-6 Polly
1-7 Territorial Pissings
1-8 Drain You
1-9 Lounge Act
1-10 Stay Away
1-11 On A Plain
1-12 Something In The Way
1-12b Endless, Nameless
Live 1991/1992
2-1 Negative Creep (Live in Tokyo, Japan)
2-2 Been A Son (Live in Tokyo, Japan)
2-3 On A Plain (Live in Tokyo, Japan)
2-4 Blew (Live in Tokyo, Japan)
2-5 Aneurysm (Live in Melbourne, Australia for Triple J)
2-6 Drain You (Live in Melbourne, Australia for Triple J)
2-7 School (Live in Melbourne, Australia for Triple J)
2-8 Lounge Act (Live in Melbourne, Australia for Triple J)
2-9 Sliver (Live in Del Mar, California)
2-10 Breed (Live in Del Mar, California)
2-11 Come As You Are (Live in Del Mar, California)
2-12 Lithium (Live in Del Mar, California)
2-13 Floyd The Barber (Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2-14 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2-15 About A Girl (Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2-16 Territorial Pissings (Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands)


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