Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Way Down In The Rust Bucket (Live) 4xLP Box Set

13.999 kr

Neil Young with Crazy Horse,
Live from the Catalyst, Santa Cruz California in 1990

4 x 180 gram vinyl + insert in box set

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A1 Country Home
A2 Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze
B1 Love To Burn
B2 Days That Used To Be
B3 Bite The Bullet
C1 Cinnamon Girl
C2 Farmer John
C3 Over And Over
D1 Danger Bird
D2 Don’t Cry No Tears
D3 Sedan Delivery
E1 Roll Another Number (For The Road)
E2 F*!#in’ Up
E3 T-Bone
F1 Homegrown
F2 Mansion On The Hill
G1 Like A Hurricane
H1 Love And Only Love
H2 Cortez The Killer