Marc Almond – Fantastic Star: The Artist’s Cut (R.S.D. Exclusive) 2xLP

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Record Store Day 2023 Exclusive
2 x 180 gram vinyl

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A1 Caged
A2 Out There
A3 (We Need) Jealousy
A4 The Idol (Part One)
B1 Baby Night Eyes
B2 Adored And Explored
B3 Child Star
B4 Looking For Love (In All The Wrong Places)
B5 Addicted
C1 The Edge Of Heartbreak
C2 Love To Die For
C3 The User
C4 Betrayed
C5 Come In Sweet Assassin
D1 On The Prowl
D2 Brilliant Creatures
D3 Christmas In Vegas
D4 My Guardian Angel