Marc Almond – Enchanted 2xLP

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Vörunúmer: GSFELP 086D Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:


A1 – Madame De La Luna
A2 – Waifs And Strays
A3 – The Desperate Hours
A4 – Toreador In The Rain
A5 – Widow Weeds
B1 – A Lover Spurned
B2 – Death’s Diary
B3 – The Sea Still Sings
B4 – Carnival Of Life
B5 – Orpheus In Red Velvet
C1 – Exotica Rose
C2 – The Gambler
C3 – Old Jack’s Charm
C4 – The Libertine’s Dream
C5 – City Of Night
D1 – The Sea Still Sings (Demo)
D2 – Madame De La Luna (Demo)
D3 – Death’s Diary (Demo)
D4 – Toreador In The Rain (Demo)
D5 – Orpheus In Red Velvet (Demo)
D6 – The Desperate Hours (Orchestral)