Manic Street Preachers – Know Your Enemy 2xLP

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A reimagined version of the bands 2001 album.
The album has been entirely remixed and reconstructed to form two separate albums as originally planned.
2 x 180g black vinyl

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Door To The River
A1 The Year Of Purification
A2 Ocean Spray
A3 So Why So Sad (Avalanches Sean Penn Mix)
A4 Door To The River
A5 Rosebud
B6 Just A Kid
B7 His Last Painting
B8 Let Robeson Sing
B9 Groundhog Days
B10 Epicentre
C1 Intravenous Agnostic
C2 Found That Soul
C3 We Are All Bourgeois Now
C4 Freedom Of Speech Won’t Feed My Children
C5 The Convalescent
C6 Baby Elian
D7 Masses Against The Classes
D8 My Guernica
D9 Studies In Paralysis
D10 Dead Martyrs
D11 Wattsville Blues
D12 Miss Europa Disco Dancer