Lindsey Buckingham – Solo Anthology: The Best Of Compilation 6xLP Box Set

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A career-embracing collection on 6 LPs
Compiled by Lindsey Buckingham himself

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A1 Don’t Look Down 3:10
A2 Go Insane 2:48
A3 Surrender The Rain 3:30
A4 Rock Away Blind 3:57
A5 Holiday Road 2:11
A6 Doing What I Can 3:46
B1 Trouble 3:35
B2 I Must Go 4:37
B3 Street Of Dreams 4:19
B4 Soul Drifter 3:27
B5 Show You How 4:20
C1 Shut Us Down (Live) 5:31
C2 Slow Dancing 4:06
C3 Countdown 3:21
C4 Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind 4:48
C5 In Our Own Time 4:21
D1 Illumination 2:17
D2 Gift Of Screws 2:52
D3 Did You Miss Me 3:39
D4 Down On Rodeo 4:16
D5 Treason 4:30
E1 Hunger 2:23
E2 Not Too Late 4:40
E3 Sleeping Around The Corner (with Christine McVie) 3:47
E4 I Want You 3:20
E5 Time Precious Time 4:25
F1 Stars Are Crazy 4:46
F2 Love Runs Deeper 3:53
F3 You Do Or You Don’t 3:36
F4 I Am Waiting 3:34
G1 Time Bomb Town 2:45
G2 Turn It On 3:49
G3 Seeds We Sow 3:42
G4 Underground 3:00
G5 Dancin’ Across The USA 3:11
G6 Gone Too Far 3:21
H1 End Of Time 3:55
H2 D.W. Suite 6:51
H3 Ride This Road 2:48
H4 Say We’ll Meet Again 2:30
I1 Trouble (Live) 4:28
I2 Go Insane (Live) 4:46
I3 Bleed To Love Her (Live) 3:42
J1 Stephanie (Live) 2:20
J2 Never Going Back Again (Live) 4:40
J3 Big Love (Live) 3:11
J4 Under The Skin (Live) 4:03
K1 All My Sorrows (Live) 3:54
K2 Cast Away Dreams (Live) 4:37
K3 Holiday Road (Live) 3:09
K4 Tusk (Live) 4:25
L1 I’m So Afraid (Live) 8:06
L2 Go Your Own Way (Live) 5:49