Leprous – Aphelion 2xLP+CD

5.499 kr

2 x 180 gram black vinyl
Includes the full album on CD

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Vörunúmer: 19439903191 Flokkar: , Merkimiði:

A1 Running Low 6:30
A2 Out Of Here 4:15
A3 Silhouette 3:44
B1 All The Moments 6:52
B2 Have You Ever? 4:41
B3 The Silent Revelation 5:45
B4 The Shadow Side 4:28
C1 On Hold 7:47
C2 Castaway Angels 4:53
C3 Nighttime Disguise 7:04
D1 A Prophecy To Trust 2:59
D2 Acquired Taste (Live 2021) 9:09

CD1 Running Low
CD2 Out Of Here
CD3 Silhouette
CD4 All The Moments
CD5 Have You Ever?
CD6 The Silent Revelation
CD7 The Shadow Side
CD8 On Hold
CD9 Castaway Angels
CD10 Nighttime Disguise
CD11 A Prophecy To Trust
CD12 Acquired Taste (Live 2021)