KISS – Destroyer (45th Anniversary Edition) 2xLP

6.699 kr.

2x180g black vinyl
Remastered version of original album + Demos and Studio Rarities
Includes a 20-page booklet

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Vörunúmer: 0602435988221 Flokkar: , Merkimiði:


A1 – Detroit Rock City (Remastered)
A2 – King of The Night Time World (Remastered)
A3 – GOd of Thunder (Remastered)
A4 – Great Expectations (Remastered)
B1 – Flaming Youth (Remastered)
B2 – Sweet Pain (Remastered)
B3 – Shout It Out Loud (Remastered)
B4 – Beth (Remastered)
B5 – Do You Love Me? (Remastered)
C1 – God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll (Paul Stanley Demo)
C2 – Detroit Rock City (Paul Stanley Demo)
C3 – Love Is Alright (Paul Stanley Demo
C4 – I Don’t Want No Romance (Gene Simmons Demo)
C5 – Rock N’ Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons Demo)
C6 – Star (Gene Simmons Demo)
D1 – Beth (Acoustic Mix)
D2 – Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit)
D3 – King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)
D4 – Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)
D5 – Flaming Youth (Early Version)
D6 -Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)


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