Keb Darge & Sounds That Swing Present The Rockabilly Crown Jewels LP

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A1 –Charles Ross (6) Little Bit Lonesome
A2 –Larry Terry Hep Cat
A3 –Billy Adams (3) Rock, Pretty Mama
A4 –Rick Rickels I’m Gone
A5 –Bobby Hodge And The Rainbow Rangers Gonna Take My Guitar
A6 –Tiny Tim And His Tornadoes I’ve Gotta Find Someone
A7 –Jerry Dove And His String Busters Pink Bow Tie
A8 –Jimmy Stayton & His Country Cats You’re Gonna Treat Me Right
B1 –The Reactors (3) She’s A Queen
B2 –Jimmy Piper* Bonfire
B3 –Mack Banks & His Drifting Troubadours Be Boppin Daddy
B4 –Gene Criss And The Hep Cats Het Cat Baby
B5 –Billy Prager And His Caravans* Do It Bop
B6 –Jimmy Stewart And The Night Hawks* Nuthin But A Nuthin
B7 –Jerry Arnold With The Rhythm Captains* High Class Baby
B8 –Buddy Philips With Rockin Ramblers* Coffee Baby