Johnny Cash – The Soul Of Truth: Bootleg Vol.4 (Limited Edition) 3xLP

7.799 kr.

Limited Edition of 1500 individually numbered copies
3 x 180 gram Clear Transparent records
Includes a 20-page booklet

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A1 –Johnny Cash – Wings In The Morning 2:44
A2 –Johnny Cash – Gospel Boogie (A Wonderful Time Up There) 2:38
A3 –Johnny Cash With Anita Carter – Over The Next Hill (We’ll Be Home) 2:34
A4 –Johnny Cash With June Carter Cash – He’s Alive 4:15
A5 –Johnny Cash – I’ve Got Jesus In My Soul 2:39
A6 –Johnny Cash With Rosanne Cash – When He Comes 3:31
A7 –Johnny Cash With Marshall Grant – I Was There When It Happened 2:14
A8 –Johnny Cash – I’m A New Born Man 1:40
B1 –Johnny Cash – Strange Things Happening Every Day 3:31
B2 –Johnny Cash – Children Go Where I Send Thee 2:41
B3 –Johnny Cash – I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal 2:13
B4 –Johnny Cash With Cindy Cash – Lay Me Down In Dixie 2:00
B5 –Johnny Cash – Don’t Take Everybody To Be Your Friend 2:23
B6 –Johnny Cash With Rodney Crowell – You’ll Get Yours And I’ll Get Mine 2:20
B7 –Johnny Cash – Oh Come, Angel Band 2:43
B8 –Johnny Cash With June Carter Cash – This Train Is Bound For Glory 3:28
C1 –Johnny Cash With Jan Howard – I’m Gonna Try To Be That Way 2:48
C2 –Johnny Cash – What On Earth Will You Do (For Heaven’s Sake) 2:07
C3 –Johnny Cash – That’s Enough 2:41
C4 –Johnny Cash With Jack Routh – The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All 3:57
C5 –Johnny Cash – Didn’t It Rain 2:28
C6 –Johnny Cash With Rodney Crowell – He Touched Me 2:32
C7 –Johnny Cash With Helen Carter – Way Worn Traveller 1:52
C8 –Johnny Cash With June Carter Cash – I’ll Have A New Life 2:17
C9 –Johnny Cash – Truth 2:17
D1 –Johnny Cash – Back In The Fold 3:24
D2 –Johnny Cash – Look Unto The East 2:32
D3 –Johnny Cash – I Was There When It Happened 2:09
D4 –Johnny Cash – Sanctified 2:23
D5 –Johnny Cash – Would You Recognize Jesus 2:33
D6 –Johnny Cash – That’s Just Like Jesus 3:11
D7 –Johnny Cash – What On Earth Will You Do (For Heaven’s Sake) 3:12
D8 –Johnny Cash – Keep Me From Blowing Away 3:04
D9 –Johnny Cash – Don’t Give Up On Me 2:34
E1 –Johnny Cash – Over The Next Hill (We’ll Be Home) 2:19
E2 –Johnny Cash Duet With June Carter Cash – Far Side Banks Of Jordan 2:48
E3 –Johnny Cash – Our Little Old Home Town 2:41
E4 –Johnny Cash – Belshazzar 2:58
E5 –Johnny Cash – My Children Walk In Truth 2:37
E6 –Johnny Cash Duet With Jessi Colter – The Old Rugged Cross 2:23
E7 –Johnny Cash – One Of These Days I’m Gonna Sit Down And Talk To Paul 3:07
E8 –Johnny Cash – God Ain’t No Stained Glass Window 3:07
E9 –Johnny Cash – Half A Mile A Day 3:22
F1 –Johnny Cash – Another Wide River To Cross 2:25
F2 –Johnny Cash – You’re Drifting Away 1:37
F3 –Johnny Cash – Believe In Him 3:26
F4 –Johnny Cash – Over There 3:12
F5 –Johnny Cash – Gospel Road 3:44
F6 –Johnny Cash – What Is Man 2:32
F7 –Johnny Cash – Wildwood In The Pines 2:22
F8 –Johnny Cash – Never Grow Old 2:40


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