Johnny Cash – From Memphis to Hollywood: Bootleg Vol.2 (Limited Edition) 3xLP

7.799 kr.

Limited Edition of 1500 individually numbered copies
3 x 180 gram Clear Transparent vinyl
Includes a 24-page booklet

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Vörunúmer: MOVLP285 Flokkar: , , , , Merkimiði:


A1 KWEM Announcements And Advertisements 0:47
A2 Johnny Cash Show Intro And Theme 1:38
A3 Wide Open Road 2:28
A4 Home Equipment Company Advertisement 1:17
A5 One More Ride 2:20
A6 Home Equipment Company Advertisement / Luther Perkins Intro 1:51
A7 Luther’s Boogie 0:45
A8 Belshazzar Intro 0:43
A9 Belshazzar 2:19
A10 Closing Comments And Theme 1:26
A11 Overton Park Shell „Country Music Jamboree“ Advertisement By „Texas“ Bill Strength, Broadcast August 4, 1955 3:10
B1 I Walk The Line (Demo) 3:03
B2 Get Rhythm (Demo) 2:02
B3 Train Of Love (Demo) 1:53
B4 Country Boy (Demo) 1:48
B5 My Treasure (Demo) 1:18
B6 Belshazzar (Demo) 2:20
B7 He’ll Be A Friend (Demo) 1:47
B8 When I Think Of You (Demo) 2:29
B9 I Just Don’t Care Enough (To Carry On) (Demo) 2:06
B10 I’ll Cry For You (Demo) 2:28
B11 You’re My Baby (Demo) 1:37
B12 Rock And Roll Ruby (Demo) 1:41
C1 Wide Open Road 1:47
C2 Leave That Junk Alone 1:27
C3 Brakeman’s Blues (Incomplete) 1:32
C4 Big River 3:44
C5 I Couldn’t Keep From Crying 2:01
C6 New Mexico 2:04
C7 Goodnight Irene 2:38
C8 Restless Kid (Demo) 1:52
C9 It’s All Over (Demo) 1:42
D1 All Over Again 2:11
D2 You Dreamer You 1:48
D3 I’ll Remember You 1:52
D4 Johnny Yuma Theme 1:56
D5 Five Minutes To Live 2:02
D6 The Losing Kind 1:57
D7 Locomotive Man 2:49
D8 Girl In Saskatoon 2:12
D9 There’s A Mother Always Waiting 2:58
E1 Johnny Reb 2:53
E2 Shifting, Whispering Sands 2:29
E3 Send A Picture Of Mother 2:51
E4 Hardin Wouldn’t Run (Demo) 3:31
E5 Thunderball 2:50
E6 One Too Many Mornings 2:38
E7 The Frozen Logger 2:20
E8 Foolish Questions 3:08
F1 Bottom Of The Mountain 2:26
F2 Put The Sugar To Bed 2:21
F3 You Beat All I Ever Saw 2:07
F4 On The Line 2:19
F5 Roll Call 2:25
F6 The Folk Singer 3:02
F7 Six White Horses (Demo) 2:27
F8 Come Along And Ride This Train (Demo) 3:38


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