James Blunt – The Stars Beneath My Feet (Best Of 2004-2021) 2xLP

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2 x 180 gram Clear vinyl

A “Best Of” compilation

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A1 Love Under Pressure
A2 1973
A3 Wisemen
A4 Same Mistake
A5 You’re Beautiful
A6 Monsters
B1 Tears And Rain
B2 Bonfire Heart
B3 I Really Want You (Live In New York)
B4 Champions
B5 Postcards
B6 No Bravery (Live In London)
C1 Smoke Signals
C2 Unstoppable
C3 Goodbye My Lover
C4 Coz I Love You (Live At Glastonbury)
C5 So Long, Jimmy
C6 Carry You Home
D1 The Greatest
D2 High
D3 Stay The Night
D4 Cold
D5 Where Is My Mind? (Live In Paris)
D6 I Came For Love