Henry Junjo Lawes + Barrington Levy + The Roots Radics – Heavyweight Dub Champion 2xLP

4.399 kr.

Remastered edition
Includes a poster

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Vörunúmer: GREL2104 Flokkar: , Merkimiði:


A1 –The Roots Radics – Seconds Away
A2 –The Roots Radics – Straight Left
A3 –The Roots Radics – Upper Cut
A4 –The Roots Radics – Kidney Punch
A5 –The Roots Radics – Saved By The Bell
B1 –The Roots Radics – Right Cross
B2 –The Roots Radics – Jab
B3 –The Roots Radics – One Two
B4 –The Roots Radics – Below The Belt
B5 –The Roots Radics – Knock Out Bell
C1 –Barrington Levy – Many Changes In Life
C2 –Barrington Levy – You Come To Ask What Love Is
C3 –Barrington Levy – Robin Hood
C4 –Barrington Levy – Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend
C5 –Barrington Levy – Na Broke No Fight Over No Woman
D1 –Barrington Levy – Like How You Kiss And Caress Me
D2 –Barrington Levy – Rock And Come In
D3 –Barrington Levy – Why Did You Leave Me
D4 –Barrington Levy – Love Sister Carol
D5 –Barrington Levy – The Letter Song


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