Genesis – From Genesis To Revelation – Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

10.999 kr

Record Store Day 2015 exclusive
This box includes:
• From genesis to revelation mono LP on 180g vinyl. Includes replica inner bag and lyric sheet
• From genesis to revelation stereo LP on 180g vinyl
• From genesis to revelation singles, demos and rarities LP on 180g vinyl
• the silent sun/that’s me 7” single ‘promo’
• a winter’s tale/one eyed hound 7” single ‘promo’
• where the sour turns to sweet/in hiding 7” single ‘promo’
• A 12-page booklet with items of memorabilia plus a written article courtesy of Chris Welch.

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Mono LP:
A1 Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
A2 In The Beginning
A3 Fireside Song
A4 The Serpent
A5 Am I Very Wrong
A6 In The Wilderness
B1 The Conqueror
B2 In Hiding
B3 One Day
B4 Window
B5 In Limbo
B6 Silent Sun
B7 A Place To Call My Own
Stereo LP:
C1 Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
C2 In The Beginning
C3 Fireside Song
C4 The Serpent
C5 Am I Very Wrong
C6 In The Wilderness
D1 The Conqueror
D2 In Hiding
D3 One Day
D4 Window
D5 In Limbo
D6 Silent Sun
D7 A Place To Call My Own
Singles, Demos And Rarities LP:
E1 Patricia (Demo, 1967)
E2 Try A Little Sadness (Demo, 1967)
E3 She Is Beautiful (Demo, 1967)
E4 Image Blown Out (Demo)
E5 The Silent Sun (Single A-Side, 1968)
E6 That’s Me (Single B-Side, 1968)
E7 A Winters Tale (Single A-Side, 1968)
F1 One-Eyed Hound (Single B-Side, 1968)
F2 Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (Demo, 1968)
F3 In The Beginning (Demo, 1968)
F4 In The Wilderness (Rough Mix W/o Strings, 1968)
F5 One Day (Rough Mix, 1968)
F6 Image Blown Out (Rough Mix, 1968)
Promo Single (1)
G The Silent Sun
H That’s Me
Promo Single (2)
I A Winter’s Tale
J One Eyed Hound
Promo Single (3)
K Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
L In Hiding