Gemma Ray – It´s a Shame About Gemma Ray LP

3.899 kr

180 gram vinyl
Includes a download code

2 á lager

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A1 Put The Bolt In The Door
A2 I’d Rather Be Your Enemy
A3 Ghost On The Highway
A4 S.U.D.
A5 Touch Me I’m Sick
A6 Just Because
A7 Swampsnake
A8 Everyday
B9 Rosemary’s Baby Vs. Drunken Butterfly
B10 Bei Mir Bist Du Shein
B11 Big Spender
B12 Looking The World Over
B13 Only To Other People
B14 I’d Rather Go Blind
B15 I’m Gonna Lock My Heart
B16 I’ve Got A Crush On You