Gary Moore – Blues And Beyond 4xLP

7.999 kr.

Compilation on “4 x fold-out Axewax vinyl”

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Vörunúmer: BMGCAT105QLP Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:

A1 Enough Of The Blues 4:47
A2 Tell Me Woman 2:50
A3 Stormy Monday 6:53
A4 That´s Why I Play The Blues 4:04
B1 Power Of The Blues 2:30
B2 Ball And Chain 12:53
B3 Looking Back 2:19
C1 Surrender 9:39
C2 Cold Black Night 4:17
C3 There`s A Hole 5:38
D1 Getaway Blues 3:42
D2 We Want Love 5:43
D3 Memory Pain 4:52
D4 The Prophet 6:19
E1 You Upset Me Baby 3:14
E2 Bring My Baby Back 4:51
E3 I Can´t Quit You Baby 5:47
E4 World Of Confusion 4:20
F1 Picture Of The Moon 7:12
F2 Can´t Find My Baby 3:32
F3 Drowning In Tears 9:20
G1 Evil 2:41
G2 My Baby (She´s So Good To Me) 3:25
G3 Ain`t Got You 2:53
G4 Just Can´t Let You Go 7:39
H1 How Many Lies 6:10
H2 Torn Inside 5:37
H3 Parisienne Walkways (Live) 9:20


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