Egill Sæbjörnsson – Tonk Of The Lawn LP

3.999 kr

Vinyl reissue from 2020
Gatefold album cover, with photos and lyrics inside gatefold

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Vörunúmer: ES02 Flokkar: , , , , , , , Merkimiði:

A1 You Are My Loving Insane
A2 I Love You So
A3 Fooled My Liver
A4 I’m Not 100% Reliable
A5 My Engine
A6 I Wait To Love You As You Are
B1 If You Don’t Know Anything
B2 Who’s You Gonna Get When You Get Set
B3 I Wanna Show You How You Feel
B4 If You’ve Got A Nobody’s Notion
B5 Your Fine Cord