DIO – Evil Or Divine (Live) 3xLP

4.999 kr

Re-Mastered reissue from 2021
3 x 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl in a triple gatefold cover

Recorded Live in New York in 2003

2 á lager

Vörunúmer: BMGCAT538629660 Flokkur: Merkimiði:

A1 Killing The Dragon 5:35
A2 Egypt (The Chains Are One) 8:30
A3 Push 4:16
B1 Drum Solo 4:23
B2 Stand Up And Shout 10:09
B3 Rock And Roll 5:17
B4 Don’t Talk To Strangers 5:54
C1 Man On The Silver Mountain 2:52
C2 Guitar Solo 9:06
C3 Long Live Rock And Roll 4:23
C4 Lord Of The Last Day 4:25
D1 Fever Dreams 4:52
D2 Holy Diver 5:12
D3 Heaven And Hell 7:04
E1 The Last In Line 7:13
E2 Rainbow In The Dark 6:15
E3 We Rock 5:33
F1 This Is Your Life (Studio Version) 3:28
F2 Fever Dreams (Studio Version) 4:31
F3 Push (Studio Version) 4:09
F4 The Eyes (Studio Version) 6:29