De La Soul – 3 Feet High And Rising 2xLP

5.799 kr

2 x 180 gram black vinyl
Includes a comic insert

2 á lager

Vörunúmer: RMM-046-1 Flokkar: , Merkimiði:


A1. “Intro” (1:42)
A2. “The Magic Number” (3:15)
A3. “Change In Speak” (2:35)
A4. “Cool Breeze On The Rocks” (The Melted version) (0:15)
A5. “Can U Keep A Secret” (1:40)
A6. “Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge)” (3:25)
A7. “Ghetto Thang” (3:43)
B1. “Transmitting Live From Mars” (1:11)
B2. “Eye Know” (4:08)
B3. “Take It Off” (1:54)
B4. “A Little Bit Of Soap” (0:53)
B5. “Tread Water” (3:50)
B6. “Potholes In My Lawn” (3:52)
C1. “Say No Go” (4:22)
C2. “Do As De La Does” (2:06)
C3. “Plug Tunin’ (Last Chance To Comprehend)” (4:13)
C4. “De La Orgee” (1:13)
C5. “Buddy” (with Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip From A Tribe Called Quest) (5:02)
D1. “Description” (1:35)
D2. “Me Myself & I” (3:38)
D3. “This Is A Recording 4 Living In A Full Time Era (LIFE)” (3:15)
D4. “I Can Do Anything (Delacratic)” (0:45)
D5. “DAISY Age” (4:42)