Buddy Guy & Junior Wells – Pure Raw Blues 2xLP

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2 x 180 gram black vinyl

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A1 First Time I Met The Blues 2:20
A2 Two-Headed Woman 2:43
A3 The Treasure Untold 2:03
A4 Junior’s Wail 2:55
A5 Try To Quit You Baby 2:37
A6 Tomorrow Night 2:29
B1 Hoodoo Man 3:08
B2 Ten Years Ago 2:38
B3 Come On In This House 2:25
B4 This Is The End 3:03
B5 You Don’T Care 2:18
B6 Slop Around 2:07
B7 Little By Little 2:33
C1 When My Left Eye Jumps 3:54
C2 I Could Cry 3:13
C3 I Got My Eyes On You 2:20
C4 Eagle Rock 3:22
C5 Let Me Love You Baby 2:53
C6 You Sure Look Good To Me 2:28
D1 Messin’ With The Kid 2:19
D2 You Sure Can’T Do 2:38
D3 Cut That Out 2:51
D4 Sit And Cry (The Blues) 3:03
D5 So All Alone 3:22
D6 Skippin’ 3:25
D7 Lord Lord 2:43