Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy (Super Deluxe) 5xLP Box Set

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2021 – Remaster
A1 Back Street Kids
A2 You Won’t Change Me
A3 It’s Alright
A4 Gypsy
B1 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
B2 Rock’n’Roll Doctor
B3 She’s Gone
B4 Dirty Women
New Mix except C3
C1 Back Street Kids
C2 You Won’t Change Me
C3 It’s Alright
C4 Gypsy
D1 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
D2 Rock’n’Roll Doctor
D3 She’s Gone
D4 Dirty Women
Outtakes & Alternative Mixes
E1 Back Street Kids
E2 You Won’t Change Me
E3 Gypsy
E4 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
F1 Rock’n’Roll Doctor
F2 She’s Gone
F3 Dirty Women
F4 She’s Gone
Live World Tour 1976-77 – Part One
G1 Symptom Of The Universe
G2 War Pigs
G3 Gypsy
H1 Black Sabbath
H2 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
Live World Tour 1976-77 – Part Two
I1 Dirty Women
I2 Drum Solo / Guitar Solo
J1 Electric Funeral
J2 Snowblind
J3 Children Of The Grave