Ben Frost – The Wasp Factory LP

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A1 The Wasp Factory 1:30
A2 I See You’ve Washed Your Hands Again 2:33
A3 Death No Less 4:56
A4 Low Tide 0:27
A5 Blyth 5:09
A6 My Greatest Enemies Are Women And The Sea 4:16
A7 High Tide 1:00
A8 To Be Mastered, The World Must Be Named 3:36
B1 What Happened To Me 2:56
B2 You Don’t Have To Sleep 3:47
B3 Stormfront 2:09
B4 The Bomb Circle 7:52
B5 Esmeralda 4:53
B6 Eric Is Getting Nearer 2:44
B7 Inferno 6:10


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