The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Vol.3 A Child´s Guide To Good & Evil LP

5.299 kr

Limited 180 gram White vinyl reissue from 2021
Limited to 1500 individually numbered copies

Þú getur skráð þig á biðlista og við sendum þér tölvupóst þegar að varan kemur aftur á lager.

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A1 – Eighteen Is Over The Hill
A2 – In The Country
A3 – Ritual #1
A4 – Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude
A5 – As The World Rises And Falls
A6 – Until The Poorest People Have Money To Spend
B1 – Watch Yourself
B2 – A Child’s Guide To Good And Evil
B3 – Ritual #2
B4 – A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death
B5 – As Kind As Summer
B6 – Anniversary Of World War III