The Associates – Sulk (Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition) LP+Book+CDs

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Limited Deluxe 40th Anniversary book pack

– The original album Remastered on 140 gram Blue colored vinyl
– 3 CDs (Original album, outtakes, monitor mixes, rarities, The Peel Sessions and live recordings from 1981
– Exclusive book with sleevenotes, interviews and more

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LP-A1 Arrogance Gave Him Up
LP-A2 No
LP-A3 Bap De La Bap
LP-A4 Gloomy Sunday
LP-A5 Nude Spoons
LP-B1 Skipping
LP-B2 It’s Better This Way
LP-B3 Party Fears Two
LP-B4 Club Country
LP-B5 Nothinginsomethingparticular
CD1-1 Arrogance Gave Him Up
CD1-2 No
CD1-3 Bap De La Bap
CD1-4 Gloomy Sunday
CD1-5 Nude Spoons
CD1-6 Skipping
CD1-7 It’s Better This Way
CD1-8 Party Fears Two
CD1-9 Club Country
CD1-10 Nothinginsomethingparticular
Outtakes, Monitor Mixes & Rarities
CD2-1 Ulcragyceptimol – Demo
CD2-2 I Never Will – Demo
CD2-3 Club Country – Demo
CD2-4 Me, Myself and the Tragic Story – John Leckie Recording
CD2-5 Australia – John Leckie Recording
CD2-6 Skipping – Monitor Mix Instrumental
CD2-7 It’s Better This Way – Monitor Mix
CD2-8 And Then I Read a Book – Alternative Version
CD2-9 Ulcragyceptimol – Alternative Version
CD2-10 It’s Better This Way – Alternative Version
CD2-11 The Associate
CD2-12 A Girl Named Property
CD2-13 Grecian 2000
CD2-14 Party Fears Two – 7″
CD2-15 Club Country – 7″
CD2-16 18 Carat Love Affair
CD2-17 Love Hangover – Extended Version
Associates Live – The Peel Sessions
CD3-1 Me, Myself and the Tragic Story
CD3-2 Nude Spoons
CD3-3 A Matter of Gender
CD3-4 It’s Better This Way
CD3-5 Ulcragyceptimol
CD3-6 Waiting for the Love Boat
CD3-7 Australia
CD3-8 Love Hangover
CD3-9 A Severe Case of Career Insecurity
Associates Live – Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81
CD3-10 Arrogance Gave Him Up
CD3-11 A Matter of Gender
CD3-12 Nude Spoons
CD3-13 Paper House
CD3-14 No
CD3-15 And Then I Read a Book
CD3-16 Gloomy Sunday
CD3-17 It’s Better This Way
CD3-18 Skipping
CD3-19 Australia