Porcupine Tree – Octane Twisted 4xLP Box Set

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Featuring “The Incident” album in its entirely, recorded live in Chicago, plus classic Porcupine Tree tracks form that show, along with highlights from the bands landmark concert at The Royal Albert Hall in 2010.

4 x 140 gram vinyl

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The Incident (Part 1)
A1 – Occam’s Razor
A2 – The Blind House
A3 – Great Expectations
A4 – Kneel And Disconnect
A5 – Drawing The Line
A6 – The Incident
A7 – Your Unpleasant Family
The Incident (Part 2)
B1 – The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train
B2 – Time Flies
The Incident (Part 3)
C1 – Degree Zero Of Liberty
C2 – Octane Twisted
C3 – The Séance
C4 – Circle Of Manias
C5 – I Drive The Hearse

D1 – Hatesong
D2 – Stars Die
E3 – Russia On Ice / The Pills I’m Taking
E4 – Bonnie The Cat
F1 – Even Less
G1 – Dislocated Day
G2 – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here