Alan Silvestri (úr kvikmynd) – Forrest Gump OST LP

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Original Motion Picture Score from Forrest Gump

180 gram black vinyl

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A1 – I’m Forrest…Forrest Gump
A2 – You’re No Different
A3 – You Can’t Sit Here
A4 – Run Forrest Run
A5 – Pray With Me
A6 – The Crimson Gump
A7 – They’re Sending Me To Vietnam
A8 – I Ran And Ran
A9 – I Had A Destiny
A10 – Washington Reunion
A11 – Jesus On The Main Line
A12 – That’s My Boat
B1 – I Never Thanked You
B2 – Jenny Returns
B3 – The Crusade
B4 – Forrest Meets Forrest
B5 – The Wedding Guest
B6 – Where Heaven Ends
B7 – Jenny’s Grave
B8 – I’ll Be Right Here
B9 – Suite From Forrest Gump