Best Record Store 2012 and 2013” (Reykjavík Grapevine)

One of the six best record stores in the world” (BA Highlife)

Lucky Records is Iceland‘s biggest record store and offers an amazing choice of vinyls and CDs, both new and used. Starting back in 2005 in the Kolaportið flea market, its collection has never ceased to increase. Today, one can find over 40,000 items covering a wide variety of musical genres, from jazz to soul, funk and afrobeat, from rock and pop to punk and electronic and classical music, and also an impressive icelandic section, ideal for discovering some of the local finest music. It is also possible to find music t-shirts, posters and used dvd‘s.

The store is located in Rauðarárstígur, next to Hlemmur bus station. Everyone is welcome to visit us to discover some music while drinking a free organic coffee, sitting and chilling in a friendly atmosphere, listening to the vintage juke-box funky tracks or on one of the listening stations.

If you’re looking for an extremely rare Icelandic pressing of your favorite band or just willing to discover the latest CD from a local artist, Lucky Records is the place you’re looking for!


All Year Round

Mon-Fri: 10-18

Sat-Sun: 11-17

Rauðarárstígur 10 (50m from Hlemmur Bus Station), 105 Reykjavík


Love all – Serve all

5 Comments to “About”

  1. Geðveikt! Til hamingju! B)

  2. Mohit Kumar // 13 July 2013 at 6 h 22 min // Reply

    Amazing vibe can be smelled from the gallery only….greetings from india…wish you guys all the luck…will visit someday soon…

  3. Þórhallur Biering // 6 August 2013 at 10 h 50 min // Reply

    Góðan dag
    Ég á um 160 LP plötur sem ég ætla að koma í verð. Um er að ræða nokkuð blandað safn en mest líklega frá um 1980.
    Hafi þið áhuga á að skoða kaup ?
    Er með lista í excell sem ég gæti sent ykkur.
    Með bestu kveðju,
    Þórhallur (896-8232)

  4. Hello,
    I just returned home (US) from a visit to Reykjavik and bought a t-shirt from your wonderful record store. What a cool place. I wish I’d bought more shirts while I was there. I asked for stickers also and was told they are ordered and arriving to your store soon. My question is, can I order more shirts (and possibly stickers if you get them) from you and pay for shipping?

    Lance Newsom

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